The Maspion multi-cooker is a superior product in its class because of its proven quality. The price is also very affordable. For each multi-cooker product it produces, Maspion provides an average price tag of no more than IDR 500 thousand. If you are interested in knowing about multi-cooker products from Maspion? Let’s look at the following options.

Choice of Maspion Multi-Cooker for Making Various Cuisine

Maspion Multi-Cooker Options for Cooking Activities

Today, most people want everything to be done in a practical, sophisticated and fast way. No exception when it comes to cooking. Therefore, Maspion offers many practical household electronic equipment. One of them is by producing a multi-cooker. For that, the following options can be your recommendation.

Maspion MEC-1750

The first option that you can consider is the Maspion MEC-1750. The advantage that you can see directly with your eyes is its mini shape. So, with this size, you can put it on the dining table. Also to serve food.

The advantage of multi-cooker products is the ability that you can use to make various types of food. By using this electronic device, you can make soup, steam, warm food, fry using the deep-fried method, sauté, and make dishes like a hot pot without the hassle.

The multi-cooker option has a bowl or container with a capacity of 0.5 liters. Even though the capacity is not large, it is enough for you to cook food for two to three people. The electrical power consumption is also not that big, only 300 Watts.

Maspion MEC-2750

The next choice of Maspion multi-cooker products is the Maspion MEC-2750 which can be your consideration. Generally, the function of this type of multi-cooker is almost the same as the previous type. The reason is that you can use the electronic device in the form of a pot for sautéing, frying, boiling, and steaming. The difference between the two multi-cookers lies in their capacity and power consumption.

The capacity of the MEC-2750 Maspion type is slightly larger than the previous type, which is 0.75 liters. As for the consumption of electric power as much as 400 Watts. Not only pots, when choosing the second type of multi-cooker you can get other containers used for steaming. However, this does not escape the slightly higher price.

Maspion MEC-3500

For those of you who need to cook quite a lot, this is the Multi-Cooker Maspion MEC-3500 type. This is because the multi-cooker has a larger capacity for you to use for cooking, which is up to 1 liter. Even though the capacity is quite large, you don’t need to worry because you can take this multi-cooker on the go. The pot is made of aluminum which uses a non-stick coating. Then you can also fold the handle. That way it will be practical when packaging. No need to worry about the power consumption of 350 Watts.