Oxone OX-03FP Marble Frypan can be the right multifunctional kitchen equipment to complement your cooking needs while in the kitchen. The presence of Fry Pan products itself is quite essential. Because almost all cooking activities use it to facilitate.

Oxone itself is a company engaged in the distribution of various household products that always presents quality products. Its products have a fairly high popularity among modern society.

Oxone OX-03FP Marble Frypan

Oxone OX-03FP Marble Frypan Specifications

This product comes with quality aluminum material and non-stick. Oxone OX-03FP consists of three fry pans which are small, medium and large. Each has a sequential diameter size of 20cm, 24cm and 28 cm with a thickness of 2.5mm.

With this set of cooking equipment you can fry or bake a variety of food ingredients without the help of oil. Even each pan has a complete handle that comes from quality and durable stainless steel material.

In addition to quality, each OX-03FP fry pan is able to deliver heat energy more optimally. That way, the results of each of your dishes will be more perfectly cooked.

This set of pans is very suitable to meet the needs of frying or sautéing various kinds of your daily preparations. The use of this quality material allows you to clean each of them more easily and practically.

In addition, the material of this wok set has also been clinically tested BPA Free so it is safe for the health of its users.

Tips for Choosing Oxone Fry Pan

In addition to the Oxone OX-03FP Marble Frypan specifications, you will also get a few tips for choosing a quality Oxone-style fry pan below:

Fry Pan Weight

The first tip you need to consider before choosing a fry pan is to pay attention to the weight and dimensions of the pan itself. Choose a Fry Pan product with a light weight that makes it easier for you when storing or lifting it.

Material Quality and Thickness

In addition to weight, you also need to pay attention to the quality and thickness of the material on the fry pan itself. Fry pans that have more material thickness are able to produce stable and even heat.

Coating Material

Make sure you choose a fry pan product with a quality and non-stick coating material. Don’t forget to make sure the product has a PFOA Free label. This label is able to ensure that the material on the pan is safe and good for the health of its users.

Those are the specifications of the Oxone OX-03FP Marble Frypan product complete with tips for choosing the right fry pan. With this set of cooking products from Oxone, your cooking activities will become more practical and easier. In addition, you can use some tips on choosing a fry pan product to get a quality and durable frying pan product.