Steincookware knife set are more than just kitchen knives in general. The product manufacturing process has gone through the stages of quality testing. Starting from the stainless content, and coating, to the plastic handle on the knife, the guarantee is 100% safe. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the knife can cut anything perfectly.

Steincookware Knife Set

Info About Steincookware Knife Set

Kitchen knives are important tools that play a role in the preparation and manufacture of food. Generally, we use one kind of knife to do various cooking activities. Start chopping, slicing, cutting, and so on.

As time goes by, we begin to get to know these cooking utensil in various types. This is so that the use of knives can be more specific so that cooking activities become more efficient.

  • Now, there is a well-known health knife that has various sizes, namely the Steincookware knife set. This cooking utensil comes with its characteristics and is more feminine in a beautiful pink color. In a set it consists of:
  • Cleaver knife that functions as a chopped knife.
  • Santoku knife, which is a versatile knife for cutting vegetables, fruits, and meat.
  • Chef’s knife can be relied on to slice beef, fish, and chicken.
  • A utility knife is a special knife for slicing fruit.
  • The knife sharpener is a knife sharpener consisting of 2 sides (steel and ceramic).
  • One versatile kitchen pair of scissors.
  • A fairly thick steel cutting board.

This beautiful Steincookware knife set is available in 4 charming color options. There are pink, Windsor blue, violet twist, and minimalist white.

In addition to its beautiful color, the knife also has a unique motif in the form of stripes on its surface. The knife is also not easily released when it is in the palm. You will only feel comfortable when holding it. This is because the handle of the knife corresponds to the fist.

Product Excellence Features

Cutting groceries is commonplace when cooking. However, together with the stein cookware knife set, it will not make any food ingredients stick to the knife. This is thanks to the food-grade non-stick coating. Presumably, this has also become the selling price of the set knife.

Another advantage is that it will not be difficult to hone it.

Product Care

There are several things that users should pay attention to so that the knife lasts for long-term use. The knife care guide is fairly easy and we present it in simple language so you can easily understand.

  • Instead, do not wash the Steincookware knife set with stainless steel. This will have an impact on the non-stick coating on the knife to peel off. We recommend using a special soft sponge.
  • As a technique for washing and sharpening it, please use only 1 movement, namely backward. Avoid doing back-and-forth movements because it will make the knife dull.
  • As a way to sharpen knives, the first is up to 10 times using steel sharpeners. Next, 10 times with a ceramic sharpener. If the technique is right, then the knife will return perfectly sharp. If you feel the level of sharpness is still lacking, please repeat it.
  • Avoid using a knife to cut bones.

Prepare a budget of around Rp259,000 if you are interested in having a Steincookware knife set. Get a knife set through your favorite marketplace.