The multi-functional Breville oven toaster offers a large capacity. In addition to baking bread, the toaster oven can be for cooking.

The oven design is quite compact so it is the right choice of toaster oven for those who have a narrow kitchen space. Although minimalist in size, but the cooking results deserve two thumbs up.

Breville Oven Toaster Large Capacity Multipurpose Products

Best Breville Oven Toaster Lineup

A toaster oven is an oven with an electric power supply as a heat producer. This oven is of course more environmentally friendly.

If you want to switch from conventional ovens, Breville is not a bad choice. You can find out some of Breville’s best collections in the following review.

Breville Oven Countertop BOV450XL

The smart heating system in this series provides impressive cooking results. This is thanks to the IQ heating element in the form of 4 quartz elements.

This oven toaster will work on 1,800 watts of power. While at full load, the oven requires 15 amps of power.

Notable features of the oven include a non-stick interior cavity lining, a compact design so it doesn’t waste space, retail with 8 different cooking functions, and there’s a backlit LCD.

Breville Smart Oven BOV900BSS

Having a reputation as quality cooking equipment, the Breville BOV900BSS toaster oven embeds super convection technology with 2 speeds. It provides better cooking control than a regular oven. The fan is able to release large volumes of air so that heat distribution is faster and even.

The excellent features of the Breville oven toaster BOV900BSS include having an air fryer setting, retail with 13 preset cooking functions, versatile, having 6 independent quartz heat elements, very strong and durable products.

Oven Breville BOV860BSS

This time Breville brought out an oven with a retro design. The Breville BOV860BSS oven allows users to cook without oil so that food is healthier. This is thanks to the available air fryer feature. Now, you can cook healthier chicken wings and fries.

The excellent features of the oven are translucent doors, dual speed convection settings, LCD screen, versatile, has 11 cooking functions, cooks faster, and does not require special maintenance.

Oven Breville BOV860BSS

Breville high-end oven toaster of this series have good baking capabilities without making it difficult for users. The design is compact and sturdy.

The excellent features of the toaster oven include an IQ heating element, convection powered, backlight in the form of an easy-to-read LCD, compact design, safe, durable, and offers 8 cooking functions. The combination of knobs and buttons on the oven acts as a setting of cooking mode and temperature. The oven cooking instructions will not confuse the user.

The presence of a Breville oven toaster in your minimalist kitchen will facilitate cooking activities. Each Breville series offers different features. If you ask if this unit is still viable in 2023? The answer is definitely “yes”.