Our Place Always Pan is an idol for women who like or are active in cooking. Our Place is a brand that collaborates with singer Selena Gomez. This brand owned by Shiza Shahis has existed since 2019.

Our Place Always Pan, High Quality Nonstick Cookware

Our Place Always Pan Quality

As one of the well-known brands, Our Place certainly offers the best quality in all of its products. No exception with a product called Always Pan.

With guaranteed good quality, this product can function optimally in helping every user. Not only that, this product is also durable for users to use in the long term.

The better quality because Always Pan has an attractive design. Because of that, the existence of Always Pan can make the kitchen look more aesthetic.

Talking about Our Place Always Pan, there are several types. For example, Always Pan 2.0 and Mini Always Pan. Both are of equal quality.

Always Pan 2.0

Always Pan 2.0 comes with a size of 10.5 inches. With this size, the Always Pan 2.0 can be used by users for frying, boiling, braises, sears, and many more.

The design is indeed multifunctional so you can do many things with just one product. This of course benefits you because it saves space and costs.

In the manufacturing process, it is also without PFOAs, PTFEs, or other hazardous materials. That way, this product is completely safe for you to use in the kitchen.

It’s even more interesting because this product has Thermakind™ features. These Our Place Always Pan features include an exclusive and sophisticated ceramic non-stick coating.

Mini Always Pan

Mini Always Pan is no less quality. This Our Place Mini Always Pan product has a diameter of almost 2 inches smaller if you compare it to the original cookware.

Because of that, this product is proven to be unique and has an attractive design. Even though it is mini in size, this product has a capacity of up to 1.2 liters.

It makes it easier for users because this product is relatively lightweight. It weighs less than 2 pounds. This benefits the user when they want to move Mini Always Pan to another place.

It’s even cooler because this product is made of non-stick ceramic material. To beautify the design and strengthen its function, this product also has various modular covers.

From the description above, you can get to know more closely and understand how high quality Our Place Always Pan is. If you are currently looking for a cookware master that is a favorite of many people, don’t hesitate to make the above product one of your choices.