Intercooc Diamond Pan Set is a very quality frying pan because it uses the best ingredients so it offers various advantages. The frying pan is certainly one of the most important cooking tools. So we must have it in the kitchen even if it is only one fruit.

When cooking a meal, we often use frying and stir-frying methods. For example, frying fish, potatoes, tofu, sauteing vegetables, stir-frying spices, and so on. To do such cooking activities, we need the right cooking tool, namely the frying pan.

With it, we can fry or sauté easily and certainly safely. Especially if the frying pan uses non-stick material so that food will not stick to the pan. That way the pot will also be maintained and the cooking process becomes much easier.

Intercooc Diamond Pan Set, Scratch Resistant with 6 Diamond Coatings

Intercooc Diamond Pan Set, Does Not Use Teflon Coating Material

Now there are many frying pan products that we can easily find on the market. However, most of these products use Teflon coatings that are easier to scratch. So this makes us have to be careful when stirring food so as not to make the frying pan scratched.

Although many products use Teflon coating material, there are actually some products that do not use it. This product is certainly suitable for those of you who are looking for a frying pan that is not easily scratched. Well, one of the brands that provide scratch-resistant cooking utensils is Intercooc.

Intercooc offers products consisting of 4 frying pans with different shapes and colors. The product is the Intercooc Diamond Pan Set. There are 3 choices of round frying pans and also 1 box-shaped frying pan. The color consists of yellow, pink, blue, and green.

The choice of various colors certainly makes the kitchen look more beautiful. Because it consists of several frying pan products, we can use them alternately according to cooking needs. In addition, we can also use it to cook several foods at once when celebrating certain moments.

As the name implies, this cookware product uses 6 layers of diamonds. This certainly makes the frying pan not easily scratched. So we can use it freely without worrying about the frying pan being scratched accidentally. Whether it’s using it when cooking food or when washing it.

Intercooc Diamond Pan Set which has various advantages above certainly makes this product more attractive and worthy of us to have. Although the price may be quite expensive, surely users will not regret it too much after buying it. Because this frying pan product does have good quality.