Platinum Wok Pressure Cooker offers quality cooking utensils. With this, the results of cooking are of higher quality.

Not only does it provide a memorable experience when cooking. The dining experience is even more perfect.

Platinum Wok Pressure Cooker is Good at Cooking Faster and Non-Stick

What is Platinum Wok Pressure Cooker

It’s no longer the time to use cooking utensils that are difficult to clean. It must be very troublesome. As a solution, now there are various non-stick kitchen tools.

The best recommendation comes from the Stein brand. The quality of the product is unquestionable. Moreover, the price is really amazing and so cheap.

Stein doesn’t just produce non-stick pots and pans. You can use a Smart Holder Sterilizer that can sterilize kitchen utensils before using them.

There is also a set of Diamond Knife products in gorgeous pink. Whatever you cut will not stick to the knife.

This time we will discuss the pressure cooker variant from Stein. What are its features? You can see it in the following review.

Anti Berets

Comes with German Platinum anti-beret, this pressure cooker is really anti-beret. This is not a figment.

The product has passed trials by swiping bolts but it has no effect whatsoever. This is thanks to the best non-stick coating from Germany called GREBLON.

Thermal Heat Detector Technology

This feature will help you know whether the food in the pot is cooked or not. This technology will turn the pan red as a sign that the heat of the pan can be used or not.

Faster Cook 30%

Cooking with Platinum Wok Pressure Cooker means time savings of up to 30%. For those of you who are always in a hurry for all activities, the pressure function of Platinum Stein Cookware is worth a try.

Another advantage, if you can cook faster, is that it saves gas. Activities such as making rendang, cooking chicken, fish, and vegetables did not take long.

All dishes are tender and evenly cooked. Interestingly, this pot is a versatile cooking utensil. You can use it as a steamer.


On the product packaging, you will find the PFOA Free label. That is, the product is free from perfluorooctanoic chemicals. So it is certainly safe for health even if using it for cooking at high temperatures.


When deciding to buy a pot, also consider whether the product is compatible with all types of stoves, both gas stoves and electric stoves. The pressure cooker has a diameter of 32 cm.

Simple Maintenance

Pan care is not difficult. Before washing it, make sure the pot is cold. Let stand for 10 – 20 minutes, then you can wash it. The recommended washing tool is coir or nylon. Never use stainless coir.

Put the Platinum Wok Pressure Cooker on your shopping list in the future. For those of you who like to cook, it’s a shame to miss it.