Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series, Non-stick Cookware

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Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series is a multipurpose pan that is not only for frying. This pan is the same as other pans, but what makes it different is the material. Cooking will be much easier when the kitchen tools are complete.

Besides making the kitchen more complete, the pan also makes dishes of higher quality. So with a pan, the cooking results are even better. Now there are many recommendations for the multipurpose pan that can be used.

One of the best high-quality pans is the Bolde brand. Where Bolde launched a new product called the Pan Shiro Series. For the price, it is traded either online or offline for less than five hundred thousand. Therefore, this newest product is selling well in the market.

Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series, Non-stick Cookware

About Spesifications Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series

Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series is now here to help fry food activities. Surely this pan from Bolde will not disappoint users when used for cooking. This is because they have provided products with national standards. That is, the comfort of the pan from bolde is 100% good for cooking.

The Advantages Of the Super Pan Shiro Series

Many advantages can be felt when using this pan. One of them, you can feel the ease of cooking with easy pan care.

Not only is it easy to care for, but this pan is also not sticky, even if it is used for cooking for a long time. More interestingly, the material for making a pan is also of high value.

That’s why the pan continues to work optimally in the long term. The design of the Bolde pan carries a modern look. This appearance makes the kitchen feel more lively and attractive.

In terms of weight, pan Molde is also not that heavy. For that, it makes it easier for you when using it and moving it. You can store it anywhere, it can be on a dish rack and you can even attach it to the kitchen.

Package From Super Pan Shiro Series

When you buy a Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series there will be two tools, namely a 22 cm fry pan and a 26 cm wok. A detachable handle that can be removed from the main equipment. So it is easier to wash and store.

The thickness of the pan is 3mm, twice the thickness of the other brands of pans. This cooking utensil will certainly not cause you any problems when cooking. Many people have described this pan, and for that, you don’t need to hesitate anymore.

This pan is made with the support of eco-green technology. Where technology is known to be environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals. In addition, there is also an induction bottom on this pan which has the function of guaranteeing even heating over the entire surface.

Bolde Super Pan Shiro Series is a must-have kitchen and cooking equipment and you can’t forget it. So that your home kitchen can be more comfortable and feel happy while cooking.