Pero Granite Knife Set Of 5 cooking utensils used to facilitate cooking activities every day. Of course, a knife is a must-have cooking tool. Because with a knife it is easy to cut ingredients. Such as chilies, vegetables, and other ingredients. Just imagine if your kitchen didn’t have knife equipment, surely cooking wouldn’t be resolved quickly.

In addition to cooking, knives can also be used to cut various foods. Such as meat, fruit, and much more. Because it is the main equipment in the kitchen, there are many choices for knives now. Where manufacturers are competing to make knives with their respective qualities. One of them is the brand from Pro Granite, which can no longer be doubted.

Pero Granite Knife Set Of 5, Pisau Dapur Anti Lengket Berkualitas

Pero Granite Knife Set of 5 Multipurpose Cooking Tools

Pero Granite Knife Set Of 5 is a cooking tool that provides a wide selection of tools. So that it is more budget-friendly. Yes, many housewives prefer to buy and use cooking utensils with a set.

Because a set of cooking utensils is not only budget-friendly. But it’s easier than buying retail. For this reason, the Granite brand is no longer surprising, if it can wipe out online stores. There will be many things you can feel when choosing to use Pro Granite.

  1. Complete And Quality

This kitchen knife from the Pero Granite set provides a complete range of knives. For each, the quality is definitely not in doubt. Because it is made of good materials and is assembled very toughly. So that way, the use of the blade is longer.

  1. Easy to Clean

Most knives, of course, when you want to clean them are difficult. Especially if used for a long time. Automatic stains from food scraps will be difficult to clean. But when using a knife from Pro Granite, you won’t feel anything like that. Because this knife is easy to clean.

  1. Not sticky

Interestingly, the Pero Granite Set Of 5 doesn’t stick easily. So, when you cut vegetables or other ingredients, it doesn’t leave marks easily. This does not make the knife sticky.

General Specifications of Pero Granite Knife

This Granite knife comes with several knife contents, and this knife has its own function. Each set of this product contains one cleaver knife 19.5 cm, one chef knife 19.5 cm, one utility knife 12.5 cm, one purpose scissors 22cm, and one peeler knife. This knife from Granite comes in two colors, namely creamy and black. You can choose according to your wishes and needs.

Pero Granite Knife Set Of 5 solutions for cooking various types of food. For the convenience of this product, there is no doubt, because it is a national standard. Guaranteed not to make food bland.