The cookware set Oxone OX911 is a budget-friendly cookware that contains several pans. Cooking is an everyday activity that is carried out by a housewife. For that to be easy in cooking, the kitchen must have complete cooking equipment.

So with lots of cooking utensils, cooking anything can be done in a short time. One of the must-have cooking talents and not to be missed is the pot. Because it is multifunctional, it can be used to cook noodles, soup, porridge and other dishes.

Oxone OX911 Pan Cookware, High Quality Cookware

Cookware Set Oxone OX911 Pan Specifications Supported by New Technology

Cookware set Oxone OX911 is a pan that has high quality and is durable in use. As explained earlier, the pot is an important tool for cooking.

Although other equipment is also important. This pot from Oxone is the national standard. So that it is guaranteed convenience to be used in making dishes.

This pot is also made in a good way, which prioritizes hygiene. This Oxone pot is also not easy to stick to even though it is exposed to long heat.

The OX911 pot material also doesn’t fade easily. Oxone OX911 is equipped with a weight of 5 kg and 800 watts of electric power. How to clean the pot is very easy.

After you use it for cooking, transfer the food to a plate or other food place. If that’s the case, all you have to do is wash it using dish soap. Use dish soap that doesn’t contain chemicals. So that the material is not easily damaged

The advantages of the Oxone OX911 Pan Set

Cooking equipped with quality equipment is certainly very enjoyable. Oxone always understands the needs of mothers at home. Now back to presenting basic Cookware set Oxone OX911. This is a new product from Oxone. Here are some of the advantages of Oxone 911.

1. Can Save Energy And Fuel

Pot cooking from Oxone 911 saves you energy and fuel. So with this Oxone pan, you can cook with less oil and water. So it produces food that is soft, cooked, and also maintains its nutrition.

2. Ideal Design & Ergonomics

Oxone pans are ideally designed to complement your cooking utensils. The set consists of 1 large pot + 24 cm lid, 1 pan + 20 cm lid, 1 24 cm deep pan, 1 20 cm fry pan, 1 24 cm filter, 1 14 cm free bet, and 2 kitchen tools.

This kitchen tool is also designed ergonomically to optimize combustion without compromising your safety and comfort when cooking. Finishing Mirror Polish This Oxone pot set is assembled with a mirror polish finish that is anti-scratch and durable to use for a long time.

Cookware set Oxone OX911 is an easy solution for your kitchen equipment to cook any type of food. Make great food.