The BOLDe Super Pan is the best choice for your cookware options. Its exceptional performance and durability set it apart, making it the go-to choice for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. With a wide range of remarkable attributes, this kitchen gem truly stands out. Crafted with impeccable craftsmanship, the pan wok embodies excellence in every aspect. You can cook all vegetables, meat, pasta, and others. Then, you will serve a special dinner for the family.

BOLDe Super Pan Wok, Revolutionize Your Cooking Experience

BOLDe Super Pan Wok, Unleashing Culinary Excellence Eventually

Discover the innovative world of BOLDe, where cutting-edge design and practicality converge to enhance your everyday life. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, BOLDe continues to redefine the way we approach household tasks. So, this can provide solutions that simplify and streamline our routines. This is the detail of the brand and product.

Brand Overview

First, BOLDe, with the tagline “innovating life,” is a product brand committed to creating innovative solutions that simplify daily routines. Each BOLDe product is meticulously designed and manufactured under the careful supervision of BOLDe HOME Inc. A reputable company based in California, USA.

Furthermore, the diverse range of BOLDe products includes the best material. Highly efficient Super MOP automatic mop cleaning tools, MOP Sprays, and an array of household appliances and kitchenware, among others. Renowned for their exceptional quality and functionality, BOLDe products have earned a prominent place in the market. They hold the position of the market leader in Indonesia for cleaning mops with buckets and automatic pressure mops.

To ensure widespread availability and accessibility, BOLDe products are distributed by PT BOLDe Inovasi Global. Which boasts an extensive network encompassing both modern and traditional markets across Indonesia. This comprehensive distribution network ensures that BOLDe products reach customers in every country.

Product Descriptions

Introducing the BOLDe Super Pan Wok, a versatile and reliable cookware that will elevate your culinary experience. And then, you will like cooking every day. This 30 cm wok boasts two sturdy handle lugs for easy maneuverability, ensuring effortless cooking. With its accompanying glass cover, you can seal in flavors and monitor your dishes as they simmer to perfection.

The Super Pan Wok sets itself apart with its exceptional quality and durability. Its pan thickness of 3mm surpasses that of other brands, providing you with a robust and long-lasting cooking companion. Crafted with precision, this wok features a high-quality non-stick surface coated with granite, enhanced by Eco-Green Technology.

In a sleek black color, the pan wok adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its induction bottom guarantees even heating across the entire surface. Allowing you to achieve consistent and delicious results with every dish you prepare. Whether you’re frying eggs or whipping up other delectable meals? This wok guarantees hygienic cooking, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and taste.


BOLDe Super Pan Wok sets a new standard in cookware excellence. So you can feel the cooking experience in a moment. With its robust construction, exceptional non-stick coating, even heat distribution, and hygienic design, it surpasses expectations and delivers outstanding results. Whether you’re a chef or an aspiring home cook, the pan is a game-changer in the kitchen. So, you can elevate your culinary adventures and unlock a world of possibilities with this remarkable piece of cookware.