The Tefal Day by Day Wokpan is a versatile induction pot specially made for your easy everyday cooking. This exceptional pan, with an exclusive non-stick coating technology, ensures a longer-lasting glide.

With its unique Thermo-signal feature, you can achieve perfect cooking results every time. Additionally, the pan boasts a durable non-stick exterior that enhances its longevity. It is compatible with all types of hobs, including induction, making it suitable for any kitchen.

Tefal Day by Day Wokpan, Elevating Everyday Cooking to New Heights

Effortless Cooking Made Possible, Exploring the Tefal Day by Day Wokpan

Specifically crafted for Asian cuisine, the wok pan is the ideal wok pan for your cooking needs. If you enjoy preparing various types of dishes, the Deep Frypan with a pouring spout is perfect for you. Its concave edge allows for easy pouring of food without any hassle. Constructed with high-quality materials and a non-stick titanium coating, this wok pan is incredibly easy to clean both inside and out.

The innovative Thermosignal technology incorporated in this smart skillet helps you determine the ideal temperature for your cooking endeavors. Moreover, the wok pan features Induction Technology. Ensuring its compatibility not only with gas stoves but also with ceramic, electric, and induction stoves. With this reliable kitchen equipment, you can prepare amazing dishes for your family every day.

Specs and Build Quality

This wok pan is available in various diameter options: 18 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm, and 32 cm. It is crafted from high-quality aluminum, ensuring excellent heat distribution and durability. The wok pan is compatible with a wide range of hobs, including induction, gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen. While it is not suitable for oven use, it is dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. The inside of the wok pan features a non-stick coating known as TITANIUM, providing exceptional food release and easy cleanup.

With the Thermo-Spot technology, you can easily monitor the temperature during cooking. The outside coating of the wok pan comes in a stylish brown color known as ECUREUIL SU VT. Although it does not have a pouring edge, the fixed handle ensures a secure grip while cooking. The bottom of the wok pan is designed with INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY for efficient heat distribution. Moreover, the coating of the wok pan is PFOA-free, ensuring safety during food preparation.

Essentials Feature

The Tefal Day by Day Wokpan is thoughtfully complete with a top-notch non-stick coating made of premium titanium. This exceptional coating is meticulously engineered to enhance your culinary experience by ensuring superior durability and resistance.

Its ultra-reinforced structure, combined with the protective titanium enhancement, guarantees long-lasting performance even under demanding cooking conditions. Say goodbye to the frustrations of food sticking to the pan. So enjoy effortless cooking and cleaning with its remarkable titanium non-stick coating.

Price Estimation

The wok pan is available for purchase at an approximate price range of IDR 500,000 to IDR 800,000. Offering great value for its exceptional features and quality. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, investing in this wok pan will prove to be a worthwhile addition. With its versatile capabilities and durable construction, it provides excellent cooking performance and long-term reliability. Treat yourself to this affordable yet high-quality kitchen essential and unlock a world of culinary possibilities.

In summary, the Tefal Day by Day Wokpan offers exceptional functionality and durability. Its innovative features, such as the Thermo-signal technology and compatibility with various stoves. It becomes an adaptable and trustworthy asset in any kitchen setting. With its high-quality non-stick coating and easy-to-clean design, cooking delightful dishes for your family has never been easier. Invest in the Wokpan and elevate your culinary experience today.