Ravelle oven toaster is the latest product that has a unique design. The world of kitchens is increasingly making more and more people interested in cooking. Although basically they never like cooking itself.

However, the emergence of various modern cooking tools with sophisticated technology has made many people interested in cooking. Moreover, these tools make the cooking process faster with a delicious taste.

Creating various food menus nowadays makes many people not have to bother. Especially now that there are various types of electronic equipment that can be relied upon. Like making cakes or roasting chicken, it also warms food and other cooking processes.

All of that can be done with just one type of tool. Believe it or not? If indeed you do not believe in the existence of this statement, see the full explanation below.

Ravelle Oven Toaster 1 Tool Has Many Powerful Benefits

The Excellence of the Modern Ravelle Oven Toaster

You need to know that Ravelle is one of the well-known brands that are currently the topic of conversation on various social media. Through its products, the cooking process is actually more enjoyable.

One of them has an oven product that also doubles as a toaster. That way you can create baked menu creations and warm food so you don’t waste it with a delicious taste and texture.

This Oven Toaster from Revelle is also the best reliable product. The products issued by this brand are actually nothing new to consumers. Because every cookware from this brand is always the mainstay and the best choice. Brands that are already reliable and always rely on quality electronic equipment have been designed in an elegant Korean style.

This cooking utensil not only has sophisticated and modern technology. But there are also superior features with reliable performance. Moreover, coupled with the elegant style of Korean style. In fact, this is also a feature of its own. This oven machine has a capacity of 20 liters. One tool has two functions. So for those of you who don’t have an oven from Ravelle yet, what are you waiting for, go buy it right away.

Complete Specifications

The specifications of this toaster oven are not only with a capacity of 20 liters. For reliable performance, it turns out that it has been equippe with 3 heating modes. Later this oven will produce heat from various sides. Thus, food prepared using this tool will also be perfectly cook. The savory texture on the outside and softness on the inside is the result of the use of this electric oven.

It is also equip with shape-heating elements. Causing the heating performance of this electric oven to be maximize. Process food that is texture with tools to be perfectly cooked also doesn’t take a long time.

You can also freely set the ideal temperature for each dish according to the type of ingredients used to prepare the food. Ranging from 100 to 230 degrees. The timer is set for up to 60 minutes and when the food is ready a bell ring will light up. The Ravelle Oven Toaster is also equip with 3 position shelves.