Ravelle multi cooker is one of the modern and sophisticated cooking tools. You need to know that Ravelle is one of the best brands that are currently loved and popular in various media. Including viral on social media TikTok. Lots of content creators have reviewed the use of a multi-cooker from the Ravelle brand. Those who have used it say that this brand has many advantages.

The kitchen world will never die with the emergence of new innovations. The proof is that currently there are products that make it easier to do various things so that the cooking process becomes faster.

A series of cooking processes can be completed in a short time and only use one tool. This can be proven by using multifunctional products from well-known brands that are currently viral in the mass media, namely Ravelle.

Ravelle Multi Cooker Makes the Cooking Process Faster and Easier

The Excellence of the Viral Ravelle Multi Cooker

Maybe some people don’t really understand the existence of this famous and viral Ravele product. Basically, this cooking utensil is a multifunctional machine with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

Just like the name of this product as a multifunctional tool. So the benefits can be used for frying, steaming, warming, sautéing, and cooking various types of food.

So just one reason you can get various benefits. The use of this cooking utensil makes the cooking process even faster. Buying and using a multi cooker is the right step for investment. Apart from being modern, this cooking utensil can also be considered high or expensive. Please note that the more sophisticated the features contained in it, the more expensive the price will be. Even one of these modern cooking utensils you can buy at a price of up to 3 million.

One of the specifications of this modern cooking utensil is that the inside of this pot already has a non-stick coating. Therefore, if it is used for various cooking processes, it will also be easy and precise.

How clean the coating contained in the pan is also very easy and does not take much time. Thus, this multi-cooker from Ravelle is suitable for college kids. You can also use it to cook using high or low temperatures.

Many Choices

This modern electric pot also has very Low Watts. The 1.5 l variant has a size of 25 * 22 * ​​16 cm. Meanwhile, the 2.5 ML variant has a size of 28 * 25 * 18 mm. This electric pot already has a clear glass lid temperature. Made from non-stick coating ceramic grid newspaper, for superior quality in cooking and cleaning. Meanwhile, the design is Korean style with a compact size for easy storage.

The power of this research is 300 watts of fire mode. Then for 600 watts of power for two fire modes. So the use of this product not only results in a fast and easy cooking process. But how to clean after use is also not difficult.

How to get the best and newest products from this product can be obtained through the official from Ravelle itself. Or you can buy a Ravelle multi cooker, through a trusted online shop.